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Welcome to 2014-2015 Student Scheduling
Instead of Arena Scheduling like last year, the computer will be building student schedules for the 14-15 school year.  All we need are the students' course requests.  Once this data is entered, the computer will build the 14-15 Master Schedule.  Student schedules will be mailed out sometime in August for their review.  If there are any mistakes, the students will have the opportunity to schedule an appointment with their guidance counselor to fix up their schedules.
Some Changes for Next Year
*  9 Period Day with Lunch as a Period
*  Each Period will be 45 Minutes Long  (Lunch will be 30 minutes)
*  1/2 Credit Courses will be offered every other day, all year long.  (Days 1,3,5 or Days 2,4,6)
*  No More Semester 1 and 2 Courses
*  We will operate on a 6 day cycle
*  New 6th Grade Schedule (We are still using pods)