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    A terrific French 4 class that ended too abruptly.  I will never forget you guys - thank you for all the great memories!


    Congratulations to this year's winners of the French Awards!

    French 4 Award - Jack Strope

    French 3 Award - Shaelyn Walker

    French 2 Award - Emily Oliver

    French 1 Award - Shandi Walker

    French Honor Society Award - Brandon Benford




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    French 1 - Monday, Wednesday, Friday 12:15-1:00

    French 2 - Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11:30-12:15

    French 3 - Tuesday, Thursday, 10:45- 11:30 Currently we will stay with just two sessions per week.

    French 4 - Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:30-10:15

              **If these times do not work for your schedule, please contact me and we can meet another time during the school day.






    Daily posts 

    June 1 (Updates will be more sporadic now that school is out, but hopefully still weekly, so keep checking back!)

    Rock Song of the Day

    Click here for the rock song of the day.  Underclassmen, you might want to learn these songs, you may hear them again!  

    Today's song:  Centerfield, John Fogerty.  Intro in the video.          

    Pun of the Day: 

    What kind of concert only costs 45 cents? A 50 Cent concert featuring Nickelback.     

    French Word of the Day

    Will return when French classes resume and/or Mr. Illar gets a stroke of inspiration

    English Word of the Day

    Mummer(n.) - An actor similar to a mime. 

     In order to encourage visiting this page and to brighten your day, we'll have a daily pun, rock song, and vocabulary word in French and in English.  If you miss it, you can check the Daily Archive.  Have comments or suggestions for puns, songs, words?  Go to the Daily Archive link and leave a comment.  Ideas are very welcome.  Comments will not post until approved by Mr. Illar.  You can also send an email (cillar@sasd.us) with a suggestion if you don't want to post a comment.  

    Click here for a song in French about the Corona Virus

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