• Classroom Expectations


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    Room 214

    English 7

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    1. Be in class, in your seat, and ready to work when the core begins.  You must start the daily Bellringer in your journal without prompting. Being late to class without a pass from the office or the teacher who delayed you will result in detention.

    2. Bring all necessary materials to class. Every day, you must bring a PENCIL, a blue or black PEN, a THREE RING BINDER, all required PAPERS handed out in class, WRITINGS, and an SRC NOVEL or READING MATERIAL. You will NOT be permitted to go to your locker for an item you forgot. 

    3. Notes must be taken during class. Some notes will be given to you on the board; however, you are expected to take your own notes during class discussions. 

    4. Respect others and their property at all times.  Do not touch anyone or anyone’s property in this classroom.  Use of foul language or derogatory remarks that could offend anyone will not be tolerated and will be punished to the fullest extent allowed by school policy. 

    5. When you ask to leave the room, be sure that it is at an appropriate time, fill out your own planner with the correct time and destination (that is your duty), and ask for my signature.  For the bathroom, nurse, and water fountain, you must present your forgiveness pass.  If acceptable, you will be permitted to leave the room on occasion.  Repeated requests to leave the room will be denied. Once your forgiveness pass is full, you can only leave the classroom if it is an emergency! Do NOT ask to use the restroom every class period.  If there is an emergency, such as a medical situation, you are free to leave the room quickly without planner signing. 

    6. Planners will be used as hall passes. If you do not have a planner, you will not leave the classroom.  You must use your own planner.   

    7. You must sit in your assigned seat, and do not switch seats.  

    8. Do not write on desks or school district purchased books and materials.  

    9. Cell phone, iPod, or electronic device usage is not acceptable during class.  Only one warning for the year will be given if caught using electronic devices.  Additionally, picture taking with an electronic device is prohibited. Detention will be assigned if caught taking pictures.  

    10. The school dress code will be enforced. 

    11. Cheating will absolutely not be tolerated.  During a test or quiz, you must place everything under your seat.  If caught cheating, you will receive a zero on the test, your grade for the marking period will drop one letter grade (10%), and your parents/guardians will be notified.  

    12. Grades will automatically round up to the next percentage point.   

    13. Late assignments will not be accepted unless prior arrangements are made.  Point deductions will be assessed to graded assignments.  

    14. Make up work for absences must be done within three days of missing class.  If you are in school on a particular day, but will be missing class for any reason, you are expected to see me for your assignments prior to leaving.  In class writing will be due on assigned due date (no exceptions).

    15. Mature attitudes and polite behaviors are expected at all times.  Profanity or inappropriate discussion topics will not be allowed.  The definition of what is appropriate is my decision. 

    16. Students are permitted water in a clear container as beverage in the classroom.  Food is prohibited.  

    17. Use of the classroom library is a privilege.  You may only sign out one novel at a time, and you are expected to bring back the novel in a timely fashion.  IMPORTANT: Please ask if you have any questions about book content.   

    18.  Please be familiar with the "Forgiveness Pass" system as it will be implemented from day one in the classroom.   

    19.  You are expected to keep all papers given to you in this class, including worksheets, graded tests, graded quizzes, graded essays, brainstorming activities, etc. in your three ring binder.  Keep all papers for future reference. If you lose your paper, I will not provide you with a second copy!  

    20. Materials in this classroom, such as pens, markers, highlighters, white out, erasers, decorations, etc. are Mrs. Barosky’s or school property. Taking these out of the classroom is considered theft and will result in detention and a call home. 

    Possible Consequences for Misbehavior    

                   Seat Change

                   Student-Teacher Conference


                   ISS for class period

                   Parent/Guardian Contact

                   Parent/Guardian –Teacher Meeting

                   Parent/Guardian –Teacher – Principal Meeting


    It is my policy to involve parents as soon as possible when academic, social, or behavioral problems occur.  In addition, the disciplinary policy in the student handbook will be utilized.  If necessary, the principal and your guidance counselor will become involved if the situation demands.

Last Modified on July 31, 2019