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    Classroom Expectations

    Mr. Hutzell

     ( 9th Grade Academy)


    (Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Civics, Emotional Support, Autistic Support)

    Classroom Expectations

    Room 228

    Mr. Hutzell

    (443-2831 or rhutze@sasd.us)

    Please read, sign, and return to Mr. Hutzell (Thanks)

    Class Rules:

    1.       Come prepared for class (pencil, books, homework, planner)

    2.       Listen Carefully (do not interrupt others)

    3.       Work quietly (do not disturb others who are working)

    4.       Respect others and their property

    5.       Follow Homework Policy (I have copies of board policy if needed)

    6.       No cell phones/electronic/mobile devices (students will be sent to the office with the device if found in possession)  


    Grades are weighted in the following areas: homework, participation/attendance, test, quiz scores

    100-90 = A

    89-80 = B

    79-70 = C

    69-60 = D

    59-below = F


    Required materials:

    1. Algebra text/Geometry text (Prentice Hall Mathematics)
    2. Pencil/pen
    3. Vocabulary Notebook
    4. Homework assignments (completed)
    5. Calculator



    1. Vocabulary
    2. Lesson quizzes
    3. Chapter exams
    4. Homework (students will drop one letter grade after 3 missed assignments per marking period – see discipline file)
    5. Participation/Attendance

    Discipline Procedures:

    Enforced by SASD code of conduct (see handbook)


    If you ever need help or have a question, please contact me.  Thanks, R. Hutzell

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