• Classroom Expectations
    1.  BE RESPECTFUL:  Treat others with respect, treat the teacher with respect...and expect to be treated with respect, too!  Speak kindly to those around you or do not speak at all.  You are expected to follow the rules in the student handbook, or you will be held accountable according to the procedures laid out in the student handbook.
    2.  BE ON TIME:  Arrive to class and be in your seat before the bell rings.  If you are late, you should have a pass from a teacher, guidance counselor, or principal.  I will not accept passes from the secretaries.  This rule also includes turning in homework and make-up work on time.
    3.  BE COURTEOUS:  Avoid interrupting class by getting passes, using the restroom, sharpening pencils, and turning in make-up work before class begins. 
    4.  BE RESPONSIBLE:  If you need to visit the nurse, get a pass from me before class begins.  Do not go to the nurse first.  If you are missing class for a music lesson or a sporting event, see me AHEAD OF TIME to pick up assignments.  The work must be handed in at the start of the next class.  If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to see me the next day that you are present and receive the work you missed.  This work must be turned in during the next class after you pick up the work.  Bring your materials to class every day.  You must have them in order to participate in class.
Last Modified on July 22, 2014