• Classroom Expectations


      1. Be respectful to other students and teacher.


      1. No food or drink by the iPads.


      1. Make smart choices.


      1. Leave materials, texts, personal belongings at your own risk.  Ask before you leave anything.  This room should not serve as your locker.  No touching or taking items that are not yours. 


      1. Students here for study hall should not interfere with students here for gifted seminar. 


      1. If you use the microwave, please cover your food and expect to take a turn cleaning it.


      1. If I give you a pass to come, be here, unless you tell me otherwise. 


      1. Cleanup after yourself and/or put items back where you found them.


      1. Students are not permitted to sit at the teacher’s desk.


      1. No cell phone use permitted unless permission is granted for special circumstance.
Last Modified on August 27, 2020