• Chain Reaction Contraption Team

    Formerly known as the "Rube Goldberg Device Team," the Chain Reaction Contraption Team is an interscholastic competition for high school students. The team must design, construct, and test a device that completes a specific task given a minimum number of steps. The team must then be able to demonstrate and explain their contraption in terms of the Physics and engineering that makes it work at the competition, which is held annually at the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh. A student in grades nine through twelve who has a strong interest in math and science and enjoys a challenge that requires thinking outside the box is encouraged to join. Previous tasks have included clean, polish, and buff a shoe; lather, shave, and rinse a balloon, and put toothpaste on a toothbrush. Chain Reaction Contraption Team is in session from September through December.


Last Modified on May 23, 2018