• What To Do in the Event of an Injury
    Most of the injuries sustained while participating in athletics are musculoskeletal injures.  The most effective way to manage these injuries is to follow a few basic principles.
    1.  Protect the injury from further damage. That may involve splinting the area, or just removing the athlete from participation.
    2.  Rest the injured area. The length of rest is dependent on the severity of injury.
    3.  Apply ice to the injured area. This will help to control inflammation. Typically the ice is applied for 20 minutes to the affected area 3-6 times a day for the first three days after the initial injury.
    4.  Utilize a compression (elastic) wrap to control swelling of the injured site. Check the site to be sure circulation is not impaired.
    5.  Elevate the injured body part to help reduce swelling.
    6.  Support the injured area if at all possible.
Last Modified on October 26, 2008