• Classroom Rules and Expectations


    1.      Must be prepared for gym class:

    a.       Sneakers – no slip-ons without backs, no boots or sandals

    b.      Clothes – t-shirts, sweats, shorts, socks, and tennis shoes

    c.       Jewelry – Must be removed prior to class

    d.      All clothing must meet the dress code policy according to the student planner

    e.       All physical education excuses from a doctor or a parent/guardian must go to the school nurse first

    f.       Failure to dress will result in loss of points for the day



    2.       Class Participation:

    a.       A high level of class participation is expected everyday to earn the 10 class participation points

    b.      Missed classes must be made up as soon as possible

    (If you are absent, field trip, music lesson, sports etc.)



    3.      Swimming Requirements:

    a.       All swimming classes must be completed by the end of the 9 weeks or the date given by the physical education teacher(s)

    b.      Failure to complete all of the swimming classes will result in a failing grade for the semester and the class will be repeated

    c.        All swimming absentees MUST be made up in the swimming pool during study halls or make-up times provided before after school


    4.      Grading:

    a.       10 points per day

    b.      Grading will be based on a high level of class participation on a daily basis, being prepared for class, attitude, and will or may include swimming, physical fitness testing, fitness center, projects, quizzes, team sports, individual sports, games and/or all other activities

    c.       The student will be docked one letter grade for each physical education class that is not made up by the end of the 9 week period


    10/10 – Properly dressed, active participation and a positive attitude

    7-9/10 – Properly dressed, some participation (student had to be redirected)

    3-6/10 – Partially dressed, some participation or disruptive to class

    0-2/10 – No dress, little to no participation or disruptive

    5.      No gum or candy
    6.      Students must report to class on time unless their planner is signed with a pass, failure to do so may result in detention or loss of points for the day
     7.      Make-ups

    Students are allowed to miss 2 P.E. classes per 9 weeks.  All classes missed beyond 2 must be made up during study halls or after school in the fitness center.  Failure to do so will result in dropping one letter grade per absence.

Last Modified on August 29, 2011