• Classroom Rules and Expectations


    1.      Must be prepared for gym class:

    a.       Sneakers – no slip-ons without backs, no boots or sandals

    b.      Clothes – t-shirts, sweats, shorts, socks, and tennis shoes

    c.       Jewelry – Must be removed prior to class

    d.      All clothing must meet the dress code policy according to the student planner

    e.       All physical education excuses from a doctor or a parent/guardian must go to the school nurse first

    f.       Failure to dress will result in loss of points for the day


    2.       Class Participation:

    a.       A high level of class participation is expected everyday to earn the 10 class participation points




    3.      Swimming Requirements:

    a.    We will attept to swim 5-6 times per year. Since it is a double class it will be double points for the day.


    4.      Grading:

    a.       10 points per day

    b.      Grading will be based on a high level of class participation on a daily basis, being prepared for class, attitude, and will or may include swimming, team sports, individual sports, games and/or all other activities


    10/10 – Properly dressed, active participation and a positive attitude

    7-9/10 – Properly dressed, some participation (student had to be redirected)

    3-6/10 – Partially dressed, some participation or disruptive to class

    0-2/10 – No dress, little to no participation or disruptive




    5.      No gum or candy


Last Modified on April 17, 2020