Freshman Academy

    Career Choices

    Mrs. Kinsinger

    Room 128

    Course Objectives:


    o To help students begin to answer the question “Who am I?”

    o To help students answer the question “What do I want?” by considering their ideal lifestyle.

    o To instill an understanding of the costs of any given lifestyle—financial costs, as well as psychological costs and the costs in terms of commitment to a given career.

    o To have students take a look at the general characteristics they hope to find in a job before they begin considering a specific career.

    o To guide students in completing the process necessary to make a career decision.

    o To help students make the plans, learn the skills, and acquire the tools they will need to realize their dreams.

    o To instill the attitudes that lead to success, as defined by each individual.

    o To introduce students to some of the most basic job hunting skills—writing resumes, locating jobs, researching the job, filling out applications, & job interviewing.


    Personal Responsibility


    o Have a folder or some place to keep chapter study guides and handouts

    o Students are required to bring a pen/pencil and their Career Choices workbook to each class meeting.

    o Electronic devices are not permitted.

    o CHECK board, “refrigerator cling” for daily assignments.



    o Grades will be based on the percentage of your points out of total points available.

    o Tests will be given after each chapter and will include vocabulary.

    o Workbooks will be graded during class time as you finish them. I will not accept late workbooks unless you are absent.

    Lost Books


    o If you lose a textbook or workbook you are responsible to pay for the lost item. You MUST have a workbook for class!!


    Classroom Collaboration


    o Team-based learning requires an attitude of support

    o Every student must be allowed to give his or her own opinion on a topic

    o No one is allowed to interrupt or discount anyone else’s opinions.

    o The personal nature of topics requires that everyone is allowed to “pass” if called on in discussion.



    -If necessary, will follow school planner or THREE STRIKES AND YOU ARE OUT!






    Classroom Topics


    Section One: Who Am I?


    1. Envisioning the Future: How do you define success?

    2. Your Personal Profile: Getting what you want starts with knowing who you are.


    Section Two: What Do I Want?


    3. Lifestyle of the Satisfied and Happy: Keeping you balance in perspective.

    4. What Cost This Lifestyle: Every career choice involves sacrifices and rewards.

    5. Your Ideal Career: There’s more to consider than just the work.

    6. Career Research: Reading about careers isn’t enough.

    7. Decision-Making: How to choose what’s best for you.


    Section Three: How Do I Get It?


    8 .Setting Goals and Solving Problems: Skills for successful living.

    9. Avoiding Detours and Roadblocks: The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking places.

    10. Attitude is Everything: Learning to accentuate the positive.




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