Family and Consumer Science Classes
    Expectation Sheet

    Mrs. Kinsinger



    1. Welcome!
    2. Who am I?
    3. Fire Drill Procedures- go out of the door and make a right then go to the area where the door is under the steps. Go Outside, proceed to the softball field and stand together so that I can take attendance.
    4. Purpose of the class – To learn the emotional, social, physical and intellectual development of preschoolers and then to apply that information in the preschool setting.


    1. Grade Calculations
      1. Grading Scale

                                                                  i.      90-100%=A

                                                                ii.      80-89%=B

                                                              iii.      70-79%=C

                                                              iv.      60-69%=D

                                                                v.      60% or less =F


      1. Grades are determined by adding your points and then dividing them by the total possible points.


    1. Grading Criteria
      1. Folders/Notebooks

                                                                  i.      Must keep a folder or notebook if you want the points.

                                                                ii.      Things to be graded in your notebook are:  study guides, handouts, video study guides, and worksheets.

                                                              iii.      Papers must be completed to count for a grade.

                                                              iv.      Each page is worth 2 points.

                                                                v.      The notebooks will be collected at various times throughout the class




                                                                v.      Tests are given at the end of each unit.

                                                              vi.      If you miss a test and have an excused absence you have one week to make it up.



    1. Classroom Discipline Plan:


    Cell Phones/I pods or other technological gadgets will not be tolerated in class.


      1. Classroom rules

                                                                  i.      Students will be punctual or have a pass.

                                                                ii.      Students will follow directions.

                                                              iii.      Students will respect others when they are talking by listening.

                                                              iv.      Students will use acceptable language and act appropriately. 


                       b. Consequences I

                                                                     Move within the classroom


      1. Consequences II

    I may choose to use the discipline conduct code listed in the handbook, which uses detention as a consequence.  See handbook.


    Cell phones/I pods or other technological gadgets may only be used with teacher permission.


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