Week of April 20, 2020

    • Contunue working on the packets that you recieved through the mail. Contact me during my Zoom office hours if you have any questions.


    • If you want extra practice, continue working through Freckle.

                Period 1 Code - MSWYDX

                Period 2 Code - 7EFP8X


    • Please complete videos and assignments on Khan Academy.  The videos and activties will help with the Problem Set questions for Lessons 1-3 and 5-6.  I will be looking at scores!!  


    Weekly Collins Writing Assignment

    Explain your strategy for solving 2 2/3  X 15.  Then solve



    Module 6 Lesson 1 - Make sure that you can do #s 1-3.  4 & 5 are optional.

    Enrichment Problem 

    Mary bought 20 bowls and plates for $96. Each bowl cost $4.50 and each plate cost $1.50 more than a bowl. She bought more bowls than plates. How many bowls and how many plates did she buy?



    Module 6 Lesson 2 - Make sure that you can do #s 1-3.  4 is optional.

    Enrichment Problem

    Once upon a time there were 7 farmers. Each farmer had 7 bushels. In each bushel were 7 cats and each cat had 7 kittens. How many legs were there in all?



    Module 6 Lesson 3 - Make sure that you can do #s 1-2.

    Lesson 3 Problem 1 Video

    Enrichment Problem

    Bobby is helping buy meats, for grilling, for the school picnic. He bought 10 pounds of sausage at $1.69 per pound, 100 pounds of hamburgers at $1.99 pound, 1,000 pounds of hot dogs at $2.09 per pound, and 100 pounds of chicken at $3.69 per pound. Which of the items he bought cost the most?



    Module 6 Lesson 5 - Make sure that you can do #s 1-2.  3 & 4 are optional.

    Enrichment Problem

    The Willis Tower previously known as The Sears Tower in Chicago is about 1,460 feet tall. If you took an elevator 3⁄4 the way up the tower, how far from the ground would you be in feet?



    Module 6 Lesson 6 - Make sure that you can do #s 1-2.  3 is optional.

    Enrichment Problem

    Amy operates an orange juice stand. On Monday she used 1 2/5 bags of oranges. On Tuesday she used 1 1/4 times as many oranges as on Monday. How many bags of oranges did Amy use on Tuesday?

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