• College Application Process

    I.      Paper Applications
    Obtain application and complete all student and parent sections
    b.  Submit completed application to guidance office with the following:
    i.    Complete release of information form (obtained in the
                     guidance office)
    ii.   Checks for application fee
                          iii.  Students must pay for postage - either cash or stamps
    Make arrangements for any necessary letters of
              recommendation given to guidance secretary
    d.  Guidance staff will complete school information sections on    
               the application and attach transcripts including current report card and
                           mail the complete package
    If the college does not accept ACT or SAT scores from the  

          high school transcript, contact the testing agency to have
    scores sent directly to the college

    II.     On-Line Applications
    a.  Submit student and parent sections on-line
    b.  Submit release of information form to guidance office (obtained
          from the guidance office)
    c.  Provide guidance office with stamped, addresses envelope
      to mail transcript and current report card
    Guidance staff with mail transcript and report card and other
          necessary attachments
    e. If college does not accept SAT or ACT scares from the 
          high school transcript, contact the testing agency to have 
    scores sent directly to college

    III.     Special Notes  
      Students may send five free transcripts (students only pay the cost of postage)
                       ~ after that $2.00 per transcript fee will be assessed for all graduates.
    Somerset High School’s CEEB code is:  394625
     c.   Pay attention to deadlines and give others sufficient time to
      provide their information       

Last Modified on July 7, 2009