• Map to homework videos  
    Homework is assigned usually 4 nights a week unless there is a test or other circumstances.  
    We have a new book for homeowrk this year.  It has a "Homewrk Helper section for each assignment.
    There are other options for you as well.  You can look at the practice book that is done in class.  For example, problem 3 B in the pracrtice book, in most cases, should mirror problem 3 B in the homework book.   This may help your child recall what they have done in class.
    Go to the district webpage and select Eagle View School.  Scroll down and about the middle of the page there are links for vidoes that are instructional and again, in most instances, the video should mirror what is taught in class.
    If none of these options help, please don't work until frustration, write a quick note and send your child to me in the morning for help.  Homeowrk is meant as review and practice and is not graded.  I keep track of completion and effort.
Last Modified on April 13, 2020