Classroom Expectations

    I expect the following from each of my students across all school settings on a daily basis:


    1. WORK HARD                               3. MAKE GOOD CHOICES


    2. BE RESPECTFUL                          4. BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE




    golden eagle


    **I try to use Time-Out during recess as a last resort. For behavioral problems, I try to use more logical and meaningful consequences.  For example, if a student is being disrespectful, he or she will be required to write a description of the inappopriate behavior, as well as a statement about he or she can avoid repeating that disrespectful behavior in the future.Apologies written by the student will be photocopied and sent home for parent signatures in order to keep you informed. Other consequences may include a letter/phone call home or a loss of free time. Thank you in advance for your support of both my classroom expectations and my classroom consequences.


Last Modified on August 15, 2019