• Students will receive a combination of instruction from our Scholastic Guided Reading Program and our Harcourt basal series. Below are a list of the Harcourt stories and accompanying robust vocab that third graders will be exploring this year.

    Ruby the Copycat Robust Vocab:

    frustrated, coincidence, imitated, pleasant, gushed, modeled, loyal, trudged, recited, murmured

    Schools Around the World Robust Vocab:

    proper, boarding, chores, certain, resources, culture, tutor, uniforms, literacy, diverse
    Ellen Ochoa, Astronaut Robust Vocab:

    talented, apply, research, invention, hinder, disappointed, ambitious, attain, persevere, confidence
    The Babe and I
    skim, span, contribution, initiative, shabby, midst, dazed, elevated, embarrass, collapses
    Aero and Officer Mike
    obey, patrol, whined, babble, suspicious, accompany, scent, wanders, demonstrate, competent
    How Animals Talk
    flick, communicate, charging, ferocious, dominant, conflict, alert, signal, chatter, groom
    Stone Soup
    banquet, famine, dense, reaction, ingredients, gracious, curiosity, gaze, agreeable, generous
    Lon Po Po
    charming, racket, ingenious, outwit, tender, delighted, brittle, embraced, cunning, disguised
    Antarctic Ice
    conserved, strict, absense, shelters, permanently, drifts, scarce, dim, harsh, bleak
    Bat Loves the Night
    blanketed, surroundings, nocturnal, effort, dozes, swoops, detail, fluttering, plummet, inverted
    Throughout the course of the year, students will be exposed to several genres of writing. They will be expected to complete pieces in each of the following areas: persuasive, narrative, friendly letter, explanatory (how-to), and informational (research) writing. We will be utilizing a Writer's Workshop format in which students will receive focused instruction on grade-level correction areas through teacher-led mini-lessons before being encouraged to apply the skills in their own original pieces of writing. 
    As for our spelling curriculum, we will be using a program called Words Their Way, which relies on teaching spelling through the recognition of patterns. Students will learn through sorting words into various categories throughout the week.  Please be on the look-out for those words coming home every 2 weeks.



Last Modified on August 15, 2019