• Classroom Expectations
    There is only one expectation in my classroom: Respect.  I expect respect from all my students, and encourage them to exhibit respectful behavior on a consistent basis.  Respect in my classroom involves the following three rules:
    1.  Respect yourself
    2.  Respect others
    3.  Respect the school and its property
    I encourage my students to abide by these rules not only in the classroom, but in their lives outside of school.  After spending some time unpacking the meaning of the rules and discussing what they should look like in the classroom, the students begin to adopt and apply the rules on their own.  The students understand that I expect them to respect themselves by doing their very best 100% of the time.  I expect my students to respect others by treating the classroom like a community in which they understand the value of individual differences.  Lastly, I expect my students to respect the school and its property by not purposely damaging anything in the classroom and school, or anything on the playground or buses.
Last Modified on January 9, 2012