• The general music curriculum includes a variety of different teaching methods and special opportunities for students. Typically we learn about these topics (and others added at Mrs. Nau's discretion):
    • Steady beat
    • Rhythms/Note Values
    • Note Names/how to read music
    • High and low sounds
    • Long and short sounds
    • Melodic movement (up, down, stay the same)
    • Singing
    • Playing instruments
    • Identifying instruments by name, picture and sound
    • Movement/Dance
    Some examples of classroom instruments that we use to learn about these concepts:
    • Rhythm sticks
    • Jingle Bells
    • Shakers/Maracas
    • Hand drums
    • Tambourines and Triangles
    • Xylophones/Metallophones
    • Tone Chimes (Eagle View only)
    • Recorders (3rd grade and up)

    Students are expected to participate in every class activity regardless of their opinion of the activity. They may not be the best at it, but they are asked to try. General music is a very active class where students are required to perform many tasks (playing, singing, moving, creating, listening, etc.). Students must participate in order to get the full benefits of studying music and in order to earn a good grade.



Last Modified on April 12, 2018