• Mrs. Kaufman's Rules for Successapple



    Please remind your children of these classroom rules and procedures.   



    1.     Raise your hand to speak. 

    2.     Stay in your seat. 

    3.     Keep hands and feet to yourself. 

    4.     Be kind to others. 

    5.     Be safe. 
         6.   Always do your best, and come to class ready to learn with a happy attitude! 
         7.    Please complete and return any assigned homework.                                                                          


    Some additional school wide rules:

    ·        Please remind your child that we use “restaurant manners” in the cafeteria.  This means staying in your seat, no shouting, say please and thank you. 

    ·        No talking in the halls and hands off of art work hanging on the walls.




Last Modified on July 24, 2014