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    Read Classroom Library Book
          Every Monday your child will be bringing home a book to read from our classroom library.  When your son/daughter has read the book to you, please sign his/her homework planner for that Monday’s date.  Books should be returned on Tuesday.


    At times a book may be lengthy, please share the reading with your child.  You may read a page or two and they would read a page.  We are seeing so much improvement thanks to your continued support.

    Reading Assignment
    The assignment varies between reading the story from your child's reader or studying vocabulary words from the  stories that we have read.
          When  reading with your child you may also share the reading assignment, by reading a page and your child reading a page.
         Vocabulary words have already been taught during reading instruction.  Your child should practice reading the words with automaticity (without sounding each word out).  Sounding out words is effective when learning the words, but once known your child should not hesitate when reading them.  Definitions may also be discussed.
         Vocabulary lists can be accessed from this website.
    Spelling Homework
    Practice for the Test on Thursday
    Vocabulary Practice
         A worksheet will be sent home for your child to copy the words twice.  An effective strategy when writing the words is to recite the letters at the same time, using a multi-sensory approach.
         Spelling lists can be accessed from this website.
         Refer to the vocabulary practice strategies from Tuesday.
    Vocabulary Practice
         Refer to the vocabulary practice strategies from Tuesday.
    No Homework on Friday.
    Enjoy the weekend.


Last Modified on July 17, 2013