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    Language Arts
         In the Learning Support classes this school year, we are using Reading Mastery Plus as our Language Arts curriculum.  As your child progresses through Reading Mastery Plus, you will be amazed at how your child moves from sounding out words and reading simple sentences to fluently reading short stories and passages.   Part of the curriculum involves spelling skills, which review many of the skills we have learned in our reading lesson.  Some of the differences you will notice follow:


    1.    The Reading Mastery Plus series is very repetitious, therefore you will notice many of the words used in several lessons to assure mastery.


    2.    There is no set amount of words per spelling lesson.  We will focus on the skills being taught that week.


    3.    You will notice some words with a    *  “ next to  them.  These words are irregular words and cannot be sounded out.
           The learning support classrooms follow the same math curriculum as the regular classrooms - Houghton Mifflin Math series.  The series is divided into units with various chapters within each unit.  Skills vary depending on the grade level in which your child is functioning.

Last Modified on August 10, 2011