• Proper Dress Required:


    Students must change clothes to participate in class.  The clothes must be different from the clothing worn to school.  Appropriate T- shirts and athletic shorts or pants  must be worn above the hips completely covering undergarments.  Athletic shoes and socks are required.  Failure to follow the above guidelines will result in the following. 


    1st Time – Alternate Activity/Lose points for day.

    2nd Time – Alternate Activity/Lose points

    3rd Time –Alternate Activity/Lose points

    4th Time – ½ hour detention/Alternate Activity/Lose points

    5th Time –1 hour detention/Alternate Activity/Lose points

    6th Time – 1 hour detention/Alternate Activity/Lose points




    Student will follow all the guidelines set forth by the teacher as this is an environment where someone can easily get hurt.  Students will act like gentlemen during competition & in the lockeroom.  They will report to class and roll call on time.  Each individual will give respect to themselves, other classmates, teacher and school facilities.  Discipline yourself and things will work out fine.




    All excuses go to the nurse for verification and recording.  Rarely are excuses accepted that state “No physical education until further notice” There is some activity the student can perform to complete the P.E. requirement.

    Example:  Broken arm – NO PROBLEM- The student can walk to gain a fitness benefit.



    Each class will be worth 10 points based on the above criteria or a written assessment.  Failure to dress properly for class and not participate will result in a     -10/10 for the class period.


    9-10: Actively participates, dressed for class, enthusiastic, respectful, and follows all directions, willing to try new things, accepts challenges, efficient skill level.  Consistently works well with others toward achieving tasks, independently applies and adapts to classroom procedures.


    7-8: Participates with moderate effort, dressed for class, respectful, enthusiastic, follows directions, and attempts to try new things, accepts challenges, appropriate skill level.  Performs and applies new concepts toward class.  Often works well with others on achieving goal.


    5-6: Participates, dressed for class, attempts new things but doesn’t fully participate, skill is average, acknowledges challenges, respectful.  Constant reminders of PE guidelines within the program.  Sometimes works well with others to achieve task.


    3-4: Low participation, dressed for class, mostly standing still, doesn’t try: skill is below average, no desire for challenge, and very little enthusiasm, displays poor attitude.  Failure to achieve skill level and not effectively working well with others.  Fails to follow classroom guidelines.


    0-2: No participation, not dressed, doesn’t try, doesn’t accept challenges, no enthusiasm, disrespectful, and doesn’t work well with others.  Doesn’t meet the standards of the PE program.


Last Modified on April 16, 2020