Y N
    1. Looking Eyes
    2. Listening Ears
    3. Soft Voices
    4. Waiting Hands
    5. Quiet Feet
    Our Promises
    1. We will get along with each other and with our teachers.
    2. We will be friendly to everyone. 
    3. We will be kind to each other: No putdowns, making fun of, or singling out anyone.
    4. We will take turns and share.
    5. We will respect others' property.  
    Traffic Light System
    Traffic Light  
       The traffic light system is a way to monitor positive and negative behavior, while providing a visual reminder of the immediate goal.  Each child begins his or her day with a green light.  After repeated warnings about an unacceptable behavior, the student will move to the yellow light.  The student has a choice to reflect on the negative behavior, causing him or her to work toward returning to the green light.  This puts the student in charge of his or her behavior.  Occasionally the student will continue the negative behavior, causing him or her to move to the red light.  When a child is moved to the red light, a red light discipline form is sent home to be signed by a parent/guardian.  The purpose of this note is to encourage discussion between the student and parent/guardian.  Please ask your student why he or she was moved to the red light and make a plan toward improving the misbehavior.  Students also have a chance to move to the blue light for having a great day.  Students who end on great day receive an incentive.   
    Piggy Bank Reward System 
    Piggy Bank  
        The goal of the piggy bank reward/incentive system is to place each student in charge of his or her behavior.  A student who has already mastered a rule will be recognized in order to promote that skill in others.  Each day students have the opportunity to earn a penny.  Students will daily complete money exchanges as well.  By using this system, students are both rewarded for their good behavior and also learn to count money!  Monthly/yearly rewards will be given.