Here are a few ideas to help encourage literacy at home...
    1. Have your child read their homework planner notes to you each night
    2. Complete all homework
    3. Read at least 20 minutes per night (a book on your student's reading level)
    4. Have your child read their school library books to you, then ask them questions about what happened in the story
    5. Encourage your child to take the corresponding Scholastic Reading Counts (SRC) test once they have read the book several times 
    6. Cook with your child and let him or her read the recipe/directions
    7. Let your child make the shopping list before you go shopping and help them sound out words and spell correctly
    8. Turn the closed caption on and let it run while watching a movie or tv show
    9. Go to the public library and pick out books and read together
    10. Make sure your child reads something aloud every day
    11. Listen to a book on tape or CD
    12. Play a game after reading the directions together
    13. Have your child write a note to a friend or relative
    14. Have your child read street and road signs when in the car
    15. On a rainy day, read a book all day together and watch the corresponding movie at night
    16. Have your child read a story to grandparent or family friend