1. Make good choices. 
    2. Use nice manners. 
    3. Sing, speak, and play only when asked. 
    4. Involve yourself in class activities. 
    5. Care for materials, instruments, and other people. 
    Rewards: As a whole class, we work towards "reward days" where we play music-related games. Classes earn one star per day when they listen and follow the rules. Once the class collects a certain number of stars (determined by Mrs. Nau) then they receive their reward day.
    First Offense: Verbal Warning
    Second Offense: Loss of privileges/removal from class with alternate assignment
    Third Offense: Loss of Recess (Eagle View)
    Following the third offense, student will have a conference with Mrs. Nau and parents and principal will then be contacted regarding behavior infractions. Per the grading policy, they will lose participation points due to behavior infractions.


    Students are given participation points each class time. They are expected to participate and try their best at all times and in all activities. Participation points are also given for following rules and guidelines when we play instruments. Occasional quizzes or assignments may also be graded. Students are graded twice a year in music. 

Last Modified on April 12, 2018