Class Expectations

    ü  Be on time

    You are expected to be on time every day unless you have permission or a valid excuse for your tardiness to class.  Upon your first tardiness, you will fill out a behavior correction form- this is your warning. Each additional incident will result in detention as it is outlined in the student handbook.


    ü  Be prepared

    It is expected that you are prepared with appropriate materials everyday of class.

    (ex.:  writing utensil, notebook, textbook, journal, homework).  You will be notified of any changes to the materials needed prior to class.


    ü  Be respectful

    Respect the people and property in this room at all times.  Damage done to property will result in a bill and possible disciplinary action.  Disrespect to people can result in a harassment claim in the office.


    ü  Be positive

    Your attitude affects the tone of an entire class and sets the stage for success or failure.  Not everything will come easily in this course.  Don’t get discouraged! English skills such as reading, writing, and public speaking only get better with practice. 





    Grading Scale

    Grades are based on accumulated points.  To determine your grade, divide your earned points by the total possible and you will get the percent.

    90-100%=A    80-89%=B       70-79%=C       60-69%=D      below 60%=F



    Homework is expected to be completed for review, reinforcement, or extension of a concept.  It is important to complete homework in order to be prepared for the next day’s class discussion or activity.  Homework will be checked periodically for a grade.  Spot checks will vary day to day and class to class, so BE PREPARED! Due to the importance of completing homework in a timely fashion, it will NOT be accepted late.


    Late Work and Absences

    Significant assignments and projects handed in more than three days late will receive a zero.  Homework, however, is never accepted as late.  If you are absent, you will be given one week from your return to make up your work without penalty.  It is YOUR responsibility to check the absentee folder for your period or with the teacher for missed work. 


    Please do not ask for bonus work. It is not to be used as “catch up” at the end of a grading period. Bonus work will be given at the teacher’s discretion periodically throughout the year.

Last Modified on August 20, 2015