•  Pearson Realize
    Great News!!  You have online access to all of the books we will be using this year in 7th Grade Science.  You never have to worry about taking a book home, simply use the website access your books through Pearson Realize. CLICK on the laptop picture above or the link below! You must type in the username and password once you are on the site to log in!!
    Website:  www.pearsonrealize.com  
    Usernamesomerset  (all lower case - no spaces)
    Password:  eagles20  (all lower case - no spaces)
    Click HERE to watch a video of Mrs. Piggott explaining how to get to the e-Text Link! 

    Please remember technology sometimes fails and assignments are always due on the date given in class.  If you are unable to gain access to your book online for whatever reason, you must still have your assignment completed by its due date for full credit. 


Last Modified on April 20, 2020