Classroom Expectations

    1. All students must be in their seats when the late bell rings.

    2. All students must have a writing utensil at the start of the period.

    3. During a lecture, no student is permitted to leave his or her seat without the permission of the instructor.

    4. Talking will not be permitted at anytime during class.

                  5. All students are responsible for having a notebook to keep all notes, homework assignments and handouts
                      given by the instructor.

    6. All students are responsible for bringing their textbooks and notebooks to every class.

    7. The student’s desk and the floor aroundthe desk should be clean and paper free at all times.

    8. All policies of the student handbook will be followed.

                  9. Any situation occurring not mentioned on this classroom expectation sheet and in the handbook will be 
                      dealt with in an appropriate manner.

                10. No electronic devices.

                11. Eating will not be tolerated in class.