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    7th Grade Life Sciences - Mrs. Haselrig


    Assignments:  Students grades in this class will be determined by following: Labs, Worksheets, Essays, Notes, Homework, Quiz/Tests, Projects, Research/Oral Presentation


    Homework Policy: Any homework assignment a student receives is due the following school day for full credit.  If the student turns in the assignment 1 day late, they can receive up to half credit.  Two days late, or later, will result in a zero for the assignment and will not be changed.


    Attendance  The attendance policy in this classroom will be the same as that of Somerset School District.  Make up work will only be permitted if the student presents their handbook.  The office secretary, upon proof of excuse, must stamp the handbook on the appropriate day(s).


    Make up work must be completed promptly or the student will receive a zero.  If the absence is unexcused the student will receive an automatic zero for any assignments he/she missed.


    Grading           90-100% A

                              80-89%   B

                              70-79%   C

                              60-69%   D

                              < 59 %    F


    Participation  A student’s participation in class discussion and activities will be noted and factored into his/her grade.


    Rules of Conduct:

    1.      Enter classroom on time and be prepared for class (science note packet, pencil, textbook, homework)

    2.      During class:  sit quietly, pay attention, and follow all instructions.

    3.      Do not touch anything that does not belong to you!!!

    4.      Do not touch the emergency shower unless there is a true emergency.  Doing so will result in disciplinary action by the administration.

    5.      Do not touch the electrical outlets at your table unless we are using the microscopes or laptops.

    6.      You are financially responsible for any damages done to microscopes, laptops, and other lab equipment (accidental or deliberate).

    7.      No food or drinks.

    8.      Do not remove anything from this room.  Some items may pose a biological hazard if not stored properly.

    9.      Follow all lab procedures outline in the Science Safety Contract.  Anyone who does not exhibit proper behavior in lab situations will be removed from all lab activities for the remainder of the grading period.

    10.  Show respect at all time for your teacher, your classmates, and yourself. 


    **Safety is extremely important in a Science classroom. Anyone who disobeys safety rules during a lab activity could be ban from participating in lab activities for the ENTIRE year.  They will be substituted by written assignments.

    Contact Information: 

    Ashley Haselrig – email: ahasel@sasd.us– phone: 814-443-2831 x3551

    website: www.sasd.us(“Jr./Sr. High school” > “Faculty” > “Haselrig”)

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