Our Pumpkin Globes

Our World Culture Study

  • Greetings from Gifted Support Classroom!

       The students are doing an AMAZING job exploring their heritage. I wish it would have been possible to capture every moment of this journey. They have been learning research skills, exploring maps, practicing writing skills, and so much more. In addition, they have been diligently working on a final presentation for their peers. It will be a simple presentation about their family heritage.

       Now…for the fun part. The students have been thinking about food since we started the project. So much, that I had to tell them, “NO MORE RESEARCHING FOOD!” All kidding aside, they have decided as a group to conclude our project by celebrating with delicious food from their respective countries.

       Don’t panic if you don’t have a traditional family recipe. J Trust me when I say, these students have found thousands of recipes. I have included a recipe card page for your child to complete. This page should be sent back to school with yummy samples of food for the class to try. If you could let our class know what food you may be sending for our celebration that would be wonderful! Also, please let me know if I can help in any way.

       The students are over the moon about sharing a recipe from their culture! I would like to thank you for your ongoing cooperation with this research project. It is evident how much the students have enjoyed learning about their heritage. The day we have chosen to have our Heritage Celebration is Tuesday, November 25th. We will be celebrating as a gifted support classroom grades 3-5 over the lunch periods from approximately 11:30-1:00. Please prepare for 15 students, just in case we are blessed with another friend or two by then. If you would prefer your child eat a cafeteria lunch or a bagged lunch, please plan accordingly. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at hlasur@sasd.us.


    Your Partner in Education,

    Mrs. Lasure

Last Modified on February 20, 2015