• Students will receive a variety of reading instruction. Each unit you will receive a parent guide indicating what skills we will be covering that unit. We use a combination of texts and Harcourt reader stories. Students will also be exposed to several types of writing. They will be expected to complete a persuasive, narrative, friendly letter, explanatory (how-to), and informational piece throughout the year. For spelling, lists will be given from the Words Thier Way program. The words will come home as a set of word cards to be cut apart and sorted. Students will receive a home set as well as have one here at school for each list. Spelling is tested approximately every two weeks. Lastly, students will cover many grammar concepts. Again, a parent guide will come home with each new concept that we are covering.


    Please note: Students are not tested on a weekly basis but rather when a unit is being wrapped up. Please check planners for upcoming test dates.