• Highway Safety/Driver Education is a course which teaches our students how to drive responsibly. The major objective of the classroom course is to make it clear to the students that what they need to learn involves much more than simply operating controls. Students learn how to think behind the wheel, how to plan ahead and how to anticipate the actions of other roadway users. We also teach students how to control their vehicles in order to minimize risk to themselves and others. State and national rules of driving and safety are emphasized.
    The Classroom portion of the program is required and normally taken during the students sophomore year. The behind the wheel portion of the program is offered to all students for an additional fee of $75 or students living in the Somerset School District. Students living outside of the Somerset School District may also take the behind the wheel portion for a fee of $275.  One major benefit of taking the behind the wheel portion of the program is that once both portions are successfully completed students are eligible for insurance discounts. Also the Somerset Area School District is a PA licensing site. Therefore, our students who successfully complete the theory class offered in our district and the 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction are eligible to secure a valid license on site.
Last Modified on April 24, 2019