• Science

    Classroom Procedures - Adopted 8/29/17


    NO FOOD ALLOWED! Clear Liquids, in clear

    containers only!


    This is a Lab Safety Hazard. Failure to follow procedure will result in detention for a classroom violation

    Students will show respect towards others! (E.L.E.)

    There will be a NO TOLERANCE rule for those who are disrespectful to their teacher or classmates.

    All lab rules must be followed or lab privileges for that person will be removed and receive a zero for the day.

    Students must be seated and ready to start class when the bell rings.  Failure to do so will result in a tardy to class.

    ABSOLUTELY NO USE of cell phones, IPOD's, or other personal electronics.  Unless explicitly instructed by the teacher! Student using cell phones without permission will be directed to put them in the phone bin. If students refuse, they will be directed to turn their phone into the office.

    The only pass you will receive from me will be written in your planners.  Do not ask to go anywhere if you do not have your planner.  Do not come late without a signed planner – either get it signed, or go to the office. 

    Allowance to leave the room will not always be permitted…especially during class time.  Go to the restroom and locker BEFORE class.

    All students should come to class prepared with their Current Notepacket, Science Folder/ Binder, and Pencil. in lieu of a Textbook.

    Make up work is your responsibility! Do not expect to be reminded. You will recieve a zero for all work not made up by the end of each chapter. If you are absent the day of a test or quiz, you must make up assignment the next day you are present. All tests are announced a week in advance and a study guide is provided for the student to complete. It is your responsibility to review your notes each day, and to fill in your study guide.