•  Reading Fluency: Students will have fluency homework Monday through Thursday. Each night students will read a given passage for a timed one-minute to a parent, older sibling, etc. While the student is reading the listener will mark errors, total words read, and initial each night it’s completed. Homework will be given Monday and collected Friday for 5 points. Fluency homework will not be given on short weeks. Fluency is the ability to read a text accurately, quickly, and with expression. Building fluency will allow the readers brain more time to comprehend and understand the text that is being read, instead of focusing on decoding the words. 


    Click on me for access to our Fluency Homework we have completed throughout the year! 


    Why fluency practice?

    This extra fluency practice will help students become REAL readers!

    Rate: The student reads not too fast and not too slow. 

    Expression: The students voice goes up and down. The student can chunk words into phrases. They sound interested while reading. 

    Accuracy: The student can read the words correctly. 

    Learning: The student understands the text. The student can retell the text in their own words. Ask them anything.