• Attendance in Physical Education

    Attendance and activity is a must for physical growth and health of the student. The grading policy is reflective of this philosophy.  Students earn points for dress and participation in class activities, which is based on attendance in class each day.  Physical education classes are scheduled to meet five days a week, at the same time each day, throughout the semester.  Missing physical education class decreases the amount of time a student participates in the activities, therefore, a student’s participation grade may be affected by excused absences until they are made up.  If a student is absent from school or not present during their scheduled physical education class, a score of 0/10 is recorded for that day. 


    Recording Attendance


    Daily attendance in class is taken during roll call while the student is in her roll call position.  Students are given approximately five minutes after the late bell rings to change clothes and report to the gym for roll call.  If a student is late for roll call, it will be considered a tardy for class and points will be deducted from the participation score for that day. Attendance in school is confirmed with the PowerSchool system. 


    ·        Excused Absences – Excused absences are those that are cleared through the main office or through the nurse’s office with proper documentation.  Students who are absent from school or class are expected to make-up physical education classes that are missed.  


    o    Two (2) excused absences are permitted each 9-week grading period without affecting the student’s grade.

    o   Those absences will be recorded in the grading system as an exemption to that day’s participation score.

    o   Subsequent absences requiring make-up will be noted in the Teacher Notes portion of the PowerSchool grade entry system.

    o   Unexcused absences cannot be made up! 


    ·        Co-Curricular and Extracurricular Activities – Students who are absent from school or class due to a school sponsored activity will not be required to make-up physical education classes that are missed.


    o   School sponsored activities include scheduled music lessons, field trips, service projects, club activities, and athletic events.

    o    Any absence due to a school sponsored activity is identified as an exemption in the PowerSchool grade entry system.


    ·        Medical Excuses – Students who are absent from school or class due to an injury, illness, or medical condition that prevents daily participation will be required to fulfill an alternative physical education plan.


    o   ALL medical excuses must be turned into the school nurse prior to reporting to physical education class.

    o   Notes signed by parents/guardians regarding participation in physical education must be signed by the school nurse prior to reporting to class.

    o   Students with a medical excuse will dress appropriately for class in order to fulfill an alternative activity plan.

    o   Alternative activities will be designed to allow participation without affecting the student’s medical condition.

    o   If a student cannot participate in class due to the nature of the medical excuse, the missed physical education classes may be considered exempt.

    o   Students having a medical excuse signed by a physician that prohibits ANY physical activity for a period of time may be required to make-up classes missed or complete a written assignment.


    ·        Written Assignments for Participation


    o   Written research projects will be used as an alternative physical education plan when physical activity is prohibited by a physician.

    o   The nature and length of absence due to a medical condition will be used to determine the type of written assignment to be completed.

    o   Written assignments will be graded based on content and grammar.

    o   Specific guidelines for a written research project will be given to the student upon requiring the need to complete written work.


    ·        Make-Up Classes for Physical Education – Absences that require missed classes to be made up will need to be completed by the end of term in which the absence(s) occurred.  Failure to make up missed classes will result in a 0/10 participation score and may affect the final term grade.



    Opportunities for Make-Up ClassesStudents must complete the Physical Education Make-Up Form in order to receive proper credit for make-up classes. Forms are available from the instructor.

              Study Halls


    o   Study hall periods may be used to make-up class.  Students will not be excused from a regularly scheduled class for P.E. make-ups.

    o   Students must obtain a pass from the physical education instructor prior to study hall in order to make up a class.

    o   Make-ups that occur during a student’s study hall period must coincide with the teacher’s ability to supervise the make-up period.

    o   One (1) study hall period is equivalent to one (1) physical education class.





    Fitness Center


    o   Supervised physical activity is available in the fitness after the regular school day.

    o   Thirty minutes (30) of approved activity is equivalent to one (1) physical education class.

    o   Students must be registered on the sign-in sheet and the fitness center supervisor must sign the Physical Education Make-Up Form.

    o   Activities in the fitness center must occur during regularly scheduled hours of operation.

    o   Hours of operation (subject to change) for the fitness center are as follows:

    §  Monday-Thursday    3:00-8:00

    §  Friday                        3:00-5:00

    §  Saturday                    9:00-12:00
    o   Proper athletic attire must be worn while in the fitness center – jeans, pants, or shorts with rivets or any kind of metal are not permitted.





    Every effort will be made to correctly record attendance on a daily basis. 

    Any discrepancies in recorded attendance should be reported immediately.

Last Modified on April 13, 2020