• Dressing for Physical Education


    Each student participating in physical education is required to wear specified P.E. attire for class.  The student must change from the regular “street clothes” worn to school.  Students are expected to be dressed appropriately on a daily basis, unless otherwise arranged with permission from the teacher.  Failure to appropriately dress for physical education will result in a loss of points for the day.


    ·       Physical Education Uniform


    o   School Appropriate T-Shirt 

    o   Athletic Shorts

    o   Athletic Socks

    o   Athletic Shoes

    o   Sweatshirt (Optional)

    o   Sweatpants (Optional)


    ·       Athletic T-Shirt


    o   All tops worn during physical education class must be school appropriate.




    ·       Athletic Shorts


    o   Black or dark colored athletic shorts must be worn for class activity.

    o   Shorts must be worn with the waistband above the hips and completely covering undergarments.

    o   Shorts must extend past the student’s fingertips while standing in a relaxed, upright position.

    o   No spandex shorts, cut-off jeans, or tights are allowed to be worn in place of athletic shorts.

    o   Jeans or other pants may not be worn underneath shorts during activity.


    ·       Cold Weather Dress


    o   Students are permitted to wear a sweatshirt and/or sweatpants for outdoor activities in colder weather.

    o   Sweatshirts and/or sweatpants should not have decorative items or any metal other than zippers or fasteners due to safety concerns.

    o   Jackets or coats are not permitted in place of a sweatshirt.

    o   Jeans or pajama pants are not permitted in place of sweatpants.

    o   Students are not permitted to go to their regular school locker in order to retrieve jackets or coats.

    o   Professional judgment will be used to determine if outdoor activity is appropriate for weather conditions.


    ·       Footwear


    o   Athletic socks should be worn for participation.

    o   Athletic shoes with a non-marking sole must be worn for participation.

    o   Slip-on shoes, ballet-type shoes, sandals, flip-flops, Heely’s, Crocs, and boots are not permitted to be worn for participation in class.

    o   Shoes must be worn with shoe strings tied; shoes without laces are not permitted.

    o   Students will not be able to participate in class without proper footwear. 

    o   Students should be aware that athletic fields may be wet or muddy at times, especially during the morning hours.

    ·       Dress Code Guidelines – Dress code policies will be strictly enforced.  Violating dress code policy will result in a loss of points and/or disciplinary action.


    o   Some dress code infractions may prohibit student participation.

    o   Every effort will be made to accommodate dress in order to allow a student’s ability to participate in class.

    o   Clean shirts, shorts, and socks can be provided to students who fail to bring clothing suitable for participation.

    o   Although a student may borrow clothing, multiple infractions will result in parent notification and/or disciplinary action.

    o   Please notify the P.E. teacher if problem should arise in the ability to be prepared and dressed for class.


    ·       Lockers – Valuables should be locked at all times!


    o   All students are strongly encouraged to use gym lockers during the semester.

    o   SASD is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

    o   Students should refrain from bringing valuables and large sums of money to class.  If necessary, larger items may be kept in the gym office.  Please notify the teacher to accommodate such requests.

    o   Combination locks are provided for students at no cost.

    o   If the combination lock provided by the school is lost or damaged, the student will be charged the replacement value for a new lock.

    o   Students may use their own personal lock on gym lockers, but must provide a spare key or the combination to be on file with the teacher.

    o   Students should check locks on lockers prior to leaving the locker room before class and again before leaving each day.

    o   Multiple students sharing the same locker will not be permitted.

    o   Students should NOT provide any other person with their lock combination.


    ·        Optional Items for Gym Lockers


    o   Extra clothing – white T-shirt, shorts, sweatpants, sweatshirt, socks, and shoes.

    o   Towel

    o   Personal grooming items – deodorant, hair brush, hair spray, hair accessories, etc.

Last Modified on April 15, 2020