• Grading Procedures in Physical Education

    The main purpose of grading in physical education is to evaluate a student’s level of participation.  The emphasis is based on participation and not skill level.  All students do not possess the same skill level; therefore, points are awarded for their effort in trying to perform the skills accurately.  A traditional point system is used as the method of recording scores on a daily basis.  Cumulative scores will be posted in the PowerSchool grade book each after each week, usually consisting of five class periods of graded activity.

    The nature of physical education creates a unique set of grading issues that must be considered in the overall evaluation of the student’s performance.  The criteria established for assessment is intended to emphasize the importance of effort and focuses attention to individual accountability. Grading participation is very subjective and based on the teacher’s judgments regarding the assessment criteria.



    Grading Scale


    ·       90-100%            A                Outstanding

    ·       80-89%               B                 Above Average

    ·       70-79%               C                Average

    ·       60-69%               D                Below Average

    ·       Below 60%          F                 Failing

    PowerSchool Grade Entry Categories and Codes
    The Teacher Notes portion of the PowerSchool grade-entry system will be used to communicate student absences, scoring exemptions, dress infractions, and comments regarding class participation.



    ·       NPC            Not Present in Class (Absent)

    ·       ND             Non-Dress

    ·       T                 Tardy (Late for roll call)

    ·       BC              Borrowed Clothing

    ·       J                  Jewelry Infraction

    ·       FT               Field Trip

    ·       ML             Music Lesson

    ·       N                Nurse

    ·       DNP           Did Not Participate

    ·       ME             Medical Excuse

    ·       PE               Parent Excuse

    Assessment Criteria


    ·       Attendance and punctuality

    ·       Dress and preparation for class

    ·       Attitude

    ·       Effort

    ·       Participation

    ·       Cooperation

    ·       Knowledge, understanding, and critical thinking

    ·       Performance and improvement learning skills

    Point System – Students earn daily dress and participation points.  In order to earn these points, students must attend class, be on time, dress appropriately, and fully participate in the scheduled activity.



Last Modified on April 15, 2020