• Subjective Grading Rubric

    Point System – Students earn daily combined dress and participation points.  In order to earn these points, students must attend class, be on time, dress appropriately, and fully participate in the scheduled activity. Please refer to grading rubric to identify the qualities and characteristics evaluated for dress and participation.


    9-10 Points

    6-8 Points


    Models exemplary behavior and a positive attitude, gives their best daily effort, participates at a high level, self-motivated, committed to improving personal fitness, always on time and appropriately dressed for class, demonstrates excellent understanding of skills and strategies, knowledgeable of game concepts, respectful of all classmates, helps and encourages others, follows instructions, models self-control, treats equipment with care.


    Consistently follows rules, good attitude, displays cooperation, works hard for self and others, consistent daily effort, displays quality movement during game play, stays on task, almost always on time and dressed appropriately for class, demonstrates basic skills and strategies with ease, shows good skill and strategy improvement, good knowledge of game concepts, supportive of all students in class, follows directions, active listening skills.

    4-7 Points

    1-3 Points


    Inconsistently follows directions or rules, plays well when winning or being observed by teacher, needs some reminders to participate, puts forth minimum effort, contributes little to team play, does not work hard enough to improve fitness, frequently tardy, occasionally unprepared for class, performs most skills at an introductory level, demonstrates satisfactory knowledge of concepts, poor listening skills, needs reminded to stay on task, uses equipment inappropriately.


    Uncooperative, bends rules to suit self, displays inappropriate frustration and anger towards others, celebrates mistakes of others, poor effort, little or no movement during activity, socializing interferes with participation, seldom prepared for class, often late or absent from class, demonstrates inadequate skills with little or no development, displays poor understanding of concepts and strategies, needs constant reminders to stay on task, talks during instruction, ignores safety rules.

    0 Points

    Physical or verbal abuse to others, doesn’t follow rules, complains about task,

    avoids participation, does not change into P.E. clothes, forgets to bring P.E. clothes,

    excessive socialization, consistently late or absent, refusal to attempt or participate in

    activity, inability to demonstrate knowledge of concepts and strategies, interrupts

    the learning process, disrespects equipment, dangerous to self or others, off-task.


Last Modified on April 15, 2020