• Spanish III & IV Guidelines



    Señora Matthews                   Daily bonus question: www.sasd.us, Faculty, Matthews, Pregunta del Dia

    Room 253

    Spanish III & IV



    1.       There should be NO talking during class lectures (introduction of grammar

    points), otherwise ¡SE HABLA ESPAÑOL AQUI!  Students are expected to

    participate orally in the foreign language.

    2.       Students must bring textbook and verb book to class every day, unless

    teacher instructs you otherwise.

    3.       Each student will be required to bring a notebook (preferably with pockets)

    and writing utensil to class every day.

    4.       Students must report to class on time.  They must be in their seats and

    ready to work when the bell rings (i.e. have homework out ready to be

    checked, have textbook and notebook open, copy notes from the board, etc.).

    5.       Students are to check the board and www.sasd.us(my site) for two days prior

    notification of tests.

    6.       Students will be excused to use the restroom only in cases of emergency.  It

    is suggested that students go to the restroom between classes.

    7.       Students must include their Spanish name, date, class period, and assignment

    title on all assignments.

    8.       The total grade will be based upon the following:

    A.       Participation (five points per day)

    1.       One point for attendance (when absent from school, please

    present missed assignments in order to receive this point).

    2.       One point for homework

    3.       Three points for responses and attitude

    a.       Three points-voluntary participation, demonstration

    of review of prior material, and on-task, cooperative


    b.      Two points-voluntary participation and on-task,

    cooperative behavior

    c.       One point-on-task, cooperative behavior

                                                *You do not earn any of the three points if you disrupt class

                                                 and/or are uncooperative with me or with others.

    B.      Graded class work, lab work, random graded homework, projects,

    quizzes, and tests

    9.       Make-up exams must be taken during study halls, before or after school, upon

    presentation of stamped planner.

    10.   I am available for tutoring after school.  Please give me 24 hour notification.

    11.   Extra credit is available to students who complete all required assignments.

    12.   Cheating will not be tolerated.

            13.   Cell phones are not permitted in the classroom.

    ¡Buena suerte!


Last Modified on June 3, 2013