6th Grade FACS

  • 6th Grade FACS

    Mrs. Kinsinger

    Room 128


    Welcome to 6th grade FACS! I will be introducing you to the world of Family and Consumer Sciences. The subjects that we are going to explore include; interpersonal relationships, child growth and development, nutrition and culinary skills.

    Classroom Expectations


    Ø Come to class on time, with your folder and a pencil.

    Ø Complete the “Bell ringer” and/or Type 1 or 2 prompts.

    Ø Participate in class discussions, projects or worksheets

    Ø Keep cell phones and all other electronics away!




    Ø If necessary, DETENTION will be assigned as stated in the school handbook.

    Ø I am disappointed in the lack of respect and lack of boundaries that I see in the classes.

    o DO NOT TALK while I am talking

    o Keep hands to yourself

    o Sit in chairs appropriately

    o If you have a question raise your hand

    o LISTEN

    o USE INSIDE VOICES When Talking

    Ø I will use a three strikes and you are out chart for behavior purposes. If you get three strikes, you get detention.

    Ø Cooking is not a guarantee!!!!!!!!!


    Missed Classes


    Ø See me to get missed information and papers


    Grading Procedures


    Ø Test/Quizzes

    Ø Folder Grade

    o You will need a pocket folder for class!

    o This folder is a very important part of your grade!!!

    o I use it as a participation grade.

    o You must keep and complete all study guides or worksheets given in class until I collect them.

    o Each page is worth 2 points. If completed, you get 2 points. If partially completed you get 1 point. If you do not complete the pages, you get a zero.


    Ø Class Activities and Projects

    o DVDs and You Tube videos Use the MyPlate logo for an activity

    o Communication game Possibly cooking lab(s)

    o Children’s book evaluation



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