Advanced Foods Class Syllabus

  • Advanced Foods

    Class Syllabus


    Unit 1 Basic Culinary Skills Review

    -Understand the importance of kitchen and food safety

    -Identify and explain the purpose of small utensils

    -Define culinary terms

    -Know how to correctly measure ingredients

    -Know how to read and understand recipes


    Unit 2 Nutritional Basics

    -Identify and explain the function of the 6 basic nutrients

    -Understand the connection between nutrition and health

    - Explore health concerns incorporating guidelines from MyPlate and current dietary guidelines throughout the life span.

    -Think your drink


    Unit 3 Yeast Breads

    -Understand the function of ingredients in yeast breads

    -Explain the function of nutrients found in yeast breads

    -Explain the differences between a quick bread and a yeast bread

    -Identify the scientific principles of yeast breads

    -Prepare various yeast bread recipes


    Unit 4 Starch Cookery

    -Explain how to cook foods high in starch

    -Identify the proper techniques for cooking potatoes, rice and pasta

    -Prepare various recipes using potatoes, rice and past

    -Identify different grain products

    -Explain the nutritional value of grain products

    -Analyze the importance of whole grains vs. refined grains

    -Learn proper storage techniques of grain products

    -Prepare various grain products


    Unit 5 Cakes and Cookies

    -Identify the 6 different categories of cookies

    -Explain the mixing and baking differences between the 6 different categories of cookies

    -Prepare recipes using the different baking techniques

    -Identify and explain the different type of cake categories


    Unit 6 Pies and Pastries

    -Explain how to correctly mix and bake various pastries

    -Identify how to correctly store pies and pastries

    -Prepare various pies and pastries

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