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    Here is an important update from Mr. C. Please click on the link below to view the video!

    Hello Again!

    Hello Again Update, Zoom Hours Changing, Review Videos*

    COVID-19 Week 3 Announcement:
    Hello everyone! I hope you are all staying safe and healthy. I have uploaded the packets for week 3 on this website. You will also find some videos to help assist in learning in some subject areas. I will try to add little things to the website as much as I can. Remember if you need me, I have office hours on ZOOM from 12:30pm to 1:30pm. My Zoom ID is 303-662-3545. You should have all received a packet with my password to access me in zoom, if you need it, please email me at cchris@sasd.us and I will send it to you. You will find the packet documents in the COVID-19 Packet 3 folder on the left of the page. Math and English is listed by grade level. History, Science, and Emotional Support is for everyone.


    Greetings from Room 173! We are a small class but we are very busy! We strongly believe in positive reinforcement.

     Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. - Charles R. Swindoll

     Subjects Taught:

    Emotional Support

    World History 10, World Cultures, American Cultures

    Reading 6,7,8,9, 10/11

    Academy Career Exploration

    Math 6,7,8,9, 10, Algebra Concepts

    Science 6,7,8,Biology Concepts, Environmental Science

    ELA 8,9, 10 Concepts

    Contact Information:

    Email: cchris@sasd.us

    Zoom: 303-662-3545. Email me for the passcode

    Phone: (814)443-2831 Extension 3448


  • The end is in sight!

    Posted by Charles Christman on 4/29/2020 1:00:00 PM

    My friends,

    Here we are near the end of the most suprising, unpresidented, crazy school year. It has been one that I will remember forever and not just because of COVID-19. I will remember this school year because of the effort and the determination you as students have put forth to make this school year a success. There were struggles in our room this year but they do not weight in comparison to the successes we had this year. I owe it all to you all. We are better together and you all have shown me that you can do anything if you just put your mind to it. I hope everyone who reads this is well and healthy. We are on to bigger and better things. The skies the limit for all of you next year and for years to come!

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  • Emotional Support and COVID-19

    Posted by Charles Christman on 4/17/2020 12:25:00 PM

    It has been generally difficult to be at home and isolated from other people. There are people out there struggling financially and physically. Even though school has been shut down, we as teachers are trying to do the best we can for our students. Our faculty truly care about our students. I hope that everyone that I interact with is doing well and progressing. Social Isolation can bring on different moods and behaviors. Please if you are feeling down or feel like you need to talk to someone, please do so. No one needs to go about life alone. There are plenty of people that are willing to help. I am available during my office hours. If someone needs me at a different time, please call the school phone number and the extension or email me. I check them often and I will help if I can. Please everyone stay safe! You got this!

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