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    Computer 6 Course Syllabus

    Course Description


    This 6-week course is designed to provide students with the skills to enhance their keyboarding skills, introduce them to Coding and expose them to the world of video broadcasting.


    For keyboarding, students will use the Edutyping.com program where they will improve their techniques, accuracy and speed.  Students will learn the alphabetic, numeric, and symbol keys.


    Evaluation Procedures

    Keyboarding technique

    Accuracy Scores on Random Lessons in Edutyping software

    Completion of Lessons in Code.org's Express Course

    Participation in Broadcasting Episodes


    Grading/Evaluation Procedures

    Grading is accomplished on a point system.  Assigned points for computer work varies with the degree of difficulty and amount of time spent working on the assignment(s).  Students are evaluated on the following basis: 

    A – attain 90-100% of maximum points

    B – attain 80-89% of maximum points

    C – attain 70-79% of maximum points

    D – attain 60-69% of maximum points

    F – attain 0-59% of maximum points


    Students must be responsible for making arrangements to complete computer work, tests, and any other work they missed during an excused absence within 3 school days to receive credit.  If missed work is not complete within 3 days, the assignment(s) will be scored as a 0.


    Classroom Rules


    • Students must follow the rules and guidelines listed in the student handbook.  All students must sign a User Agreement to use the computers.  Violation of this User Agreement may result in removal from the course.
    • Arrive to class on time, sit in your assigned seat and be prepared to work.  Have homework ready to be checked or collected and be sure to have appropriate materials (i.e., notes, pen or pencil, etc.).
    • Respect the teacher, fellow classmates, the learning process, and the property of others.  Do not talk without permission.  Raise your hand and be recognized before speaking.
    • Remain seated throughout the entire class period.  Wait at your desk until the bell rings and leave in an orderly fashion.
    • No food (including candy or gum) or beverages permitted.
    • Students are permitted to access MMS to check grades or use cell phones, PDAs, etc., when all work has been completed and have 85% or better in the course.
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