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    Classroom Rules and Procedures

    Atmosphere of respect, courtesy, and courage

    Clear Expectations

    1. We always put forth our best effort to succeed in school and learn life’s lessons.
    2. We refrain from engaging in destructive behavior and language.
    3. We treat others as we expect to be treated.
    4. We respect everyone and their personal differences.
    5. We act efficiently to avoid negative situations, rumors, and drama. 

    Additional Expectations

    1. We come to class prepared with appropriate materials and participate in classroom discussion.
    2. We complete our own class work, homework, and assessments on time by following directions and/or the rubric provided.
    3. We do not interfere in the learning process of others.
    4. We are responsible for missed class work, assignments, and notes when absent.


    *Failure to abide by these expectations will result in loss of points and/ or detention*


Last Modified on March 27, 2020