SRC Points


    All students are encouraged to build their reading stamina, fluency, and comprehension throughout their time with us at Eagle View Elementary. Scholastic Reading Counts (SRC) is a computerized program that allows teachers to track student progress through the use of short reading quizzes. As a student finishes a book, he or she can take the accompanying quiz on an iPad in the classroom. If the student is successful (scoring at least a 70% on the quiz), he or she is awarded SRC points. The point value for each book is determined based on difficulty and length of the text. The earned SRC points accumulate throughout the school year and can be turned in for various rewards at our December and June SRC stores.


    **All students in my classroom are required to earn at least 15 SRC points each marking period. Students are allowed testing on books that have been read to them at school and at home, as well as on books that they have read independently.**


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Last Modified on August 15, 2019