• Word Clubs


    Students' SRC points are tracked in my classroom, but so are their "words". The SRC program tallies each word for every book that a student successfully quizzes on. I have created Word Clubs for various intervals of success, and the students can earn the unique rewards associated with each.

    *Because of COVID precautions, some rewards may vary for the 2020-2021 school year.*


    1,000 Words = Piece of Candy


    10,000 Words = Prize Box Pick


    25,000 Words = Custom Book Mark Made by Mrs. Bobby


    50,000 Words = Desk Choice Pass


    100,000 Words = Guided Reading Pass


    250,000 Words = Lunch with Mrs. Bobby and a Friend


    500,000 Words = Free Book from Scholastic (Value $3 or less)


    1,000,000 Words = Exclusive Pizza Party....and Lifelong Fame!!


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Last Modified on August 28, 2020