• 3rd Grade Lists

    The link above will show you all of the word lists that 3rd Graders will be using this year in the Words Their Way program. The lists in this file are in sequential order for the way that we will be studying them.


    Students will be given about two weeks to study each list of words at home and in school before being given an assessment on them. At the beginning of each unit, students will receive a list that will be sent home. Please review not only the spelling of these words, but the patterns and categories that accompany them. Correctly sorting the words under the given headings will greatly help. By learning the patterns and spelling "rules", students have a greater chance of correctly spelling similar words in their everyday writing.


    Although most lists contain a total of 20 words, students will only be tested on a random sampling of 10 of them. Please check your child's homework planner for specific test dates. 




Last Modified on June 4, 2020