Financial Literacy

  • To prepare you for the real world of work and independence, classroom expectations are set up to teach accountability and to help you achieve your goals.  Education increases your potential lifetime earnings, so take advantage of this opportunity to learn something new!


    Course Topics

    • Goals and Decision Making
    • Careers
    • Paychecks and Taxes
    • Budgets
    • Banking Basics
    • Credit and Borrowing
    • Saving and Investing
    • Identity Theft and Risk Management
    • Transportation
    • Housing



    1.  Financial Literacy is a graduation requirement.  Your job requirement is to attend school every day and be rewarded for your work with a good grade.  Just like a job in the real world, little effort and responsibility will produce few rewards.  Your grade will reflect how seriously you take your job as a student.

    2.  Bring your materials and be in your seat ready to start when the bell rings. 

    3.  Use your planner to keep track of assignments. Check the Student Portal regularly for grades and assignment due dates.

    4.  Cell phone etiquette is an important life skill and is expected at all times.  Therefore, electronic devices are NOT permitted to be used during instructional time. Goals can be achieved by working hard and staying focused. Personal cell phone use is a distraction to learning and can be disrespectful to those around you.

    5.  Plagiarism and cheating are not acceptable. Stealing someone else's work will not increase your knowledge and understanding of the topic.

    6.  Learning requires active participation, so be ready to participate and be actively involved in class. Being actively involved means arriving to class on time, bringing your materials, doing your assigned work, paying attention, and taking part in discussions.

    7.  Most graded work is completed in class and is due at the end of the period, unless it is a multiple-day assignment.  If more time is needed to complete an assignment, it is due at the beginning of the next class period to receive full credit.  For each day work is submitted late, 10% will be deducted.  After 5 days, zero points will be assigned. 

    8.  Your grade includes assignments, projects, quizzes, participation, simulation, etc.

    9.  Absences are not an excuse for incomplete work!  It is your responsibility to obtain and complete your missed work.  Make-up work must be completed within five days.

    10.  If you need assistance, please ask for a pass to come to my classroom during your study hall or ask a competent classmate for help. 


    Levels of Achievement

    Grading is based on a point system.  Assigned points vary with the degree of difficulty and the amount of time working on the assignments.

                 A    90 - 100% of total points

                 B    80 - 89% of total points

                 C    70 - 79% of total points

                 D    60 - 69% of total points

                 F    0 - 59% of total points


    Parents and students should check the portal regularly to keep updated on grades and assignments.


    Link to the Online Simulation

          Knowledge Matters - Personal Finance Simulation


    My Contact Information


           phone:  (814) 443 - 2831, ext 4359




Last Modified on August 26, 2020