• Every other day health Packet 4 (final Packet) May 11- May 28

     April 27th Update Video  to clear up confusion for those that maybe got the wrong packets in the mail.


    The Mental Wellness Basics Program may show up under remote courses for you.


    Days 2-4-6 You will need to use registration code c8027c49 in the right hand corner of your dashboard to add Mental Wellness to your dashboard.

    Days 1-3-5 Registration Code is e3a9899e


      For April 27 - May 8th you should do Everfi Mental Health.    If you need me to reset your password I can do it for or you can follow the steps on the site. 


     Everfi Login





    Everfi is optional and supplemental if you are unable to do Everfi because of lack of internet access you should do the packets included when you receive your other classwork.


    If you haven't registered yet for Everfi you will need the registration code below to get in.  If you can't get these to work please contact me.





Last Modified on May 8, 2020