• Who misses our classroom read alouds? I know I sure do! The 5th Grade ELA teachers selected a BRAND NEW book for us to enjoy together! The book comes from Peg Kehret who is the beloved author of the 5th Graders' favorite read aloud, Abduction! The new thriller is entitled Stolen Children. If you're craving a mystery that leaves you hanging on to each word, then this one is for you! Each 5th Grade ELA teacher will read 2 chapters and post the videos to each of their classroom pages. We don't want it to be a mystery where to find each video since you will be piecing one of those together in the plot, so here is a list of the chapters that each teacher will be reading.




                                                 Chapters 1-2: Mrs. Zelenak              Chapter 1  Chapter 2     

                                                 Chapters 3-4: Mrs.Lane.                    Chapter 3    Chapter 4      

                                              Chapters 5-6: Miss Walker.            Chapters 5 and 6

                                                  Chapters 7-8: Mrs. Bodie                 Chapter 7   Chapter 8

                                                      Chapters 9-10: Mrs. Zelenak.           Chapter 9     Chapter 10 

                                                     Chapters 11-12: Mrs. Lane                  Chapter 11     Chapter 12

                                                 Chapters 13-14: Miss Walker            Chapters 13 and 14      

                                                   Chapters 15-16: Mrs. Bodie                Chapter 15  Chapter 16

    Chapters 17-18: Mrs. Zelenak

                                                  Chapters 19-20: Mrs. Lane                  Chapter 19    Chapter 20 

                                      Chapters 21-22: Miss Walker                Chapters 21-22


Last Modified on May 17, 2020